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How can your business benefit from solar power?

Skyrocketing energy costs have businesses scrambling to lower expenses, but today’s tax incentives and grant initiatives for solar energy make it much easier for companies like yours to “go green.”

Photovoltaic (PV) systems have become much more affordable, allowing businesses to reduce and perhaps even eliminate their energy costs, whether or not you currently depend on grid-supplied electricity. Here are a few of the benefits your company can enjoy from installing a solar system:

  • Hedge against rising utility costs and avoid being affected by price increases from power companies
  • Obtain tax credits and rebates: State & Federal incentives cover a large percentage of the cost of a commercial German solar electric system
  • Benefit from net-metering laws that allow you to be credited for power you return to the grid
  • Generate clean power that produces no pollution or emissions
  • Gain power independence: Rely completely on your own generating capacity, and not on a utility company
  • Enjoy the benefits of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) income
  • Demonstrate your responsibility: Show your customers and the media that you are focused on socially responsible business practices
  • Take advantage of accelerated depreciation of equipment
  • Enjoy improved resale value of your business
  • Help reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil