Why go solar ?


There are a number of advantages of going solar.

  • Generate  your electricity – by capturing the powerful energy of the sun
  • Save Money–  by reducing or eliminating your Electricity Bills
  • Make Money – If you produce excess power, for a change you could get credits on your bill or even a cheque from your electricity company!
  • Reduce your environmental impact  – by opting for this renewable energy solution
  • Help us shape a cleaner and greener  Australia and brighter future for all

These days solar energy is the most attractive energy source in the world. Here is the list featuring the most important factors that make solar energy a „real energy source“:

Solar energy is renewable energy source meaning it is being constantly replenished and cannot be depleted like this is the case with fossil fuels. As long as Sun keeps shining solar energy will be available to us.

Solar energy is the clean and environmentally friendly source of energy that doesn’t contribute to climate change.

Solar power industry creates plenty new jobs that can give the tremendous boost to our economy.

Solar energy is the extremely abundant source of energy with almost unlimited potential.

Solar energy is a free source of energy because nobody owns the Sun.

Solar energy can help improve our energy independence and energy security by reducing the need for expensive foreign fuel import.

Adding solar panels enhances the value of your property.
Solar energy can help electrification of many rural areas, particularly in developing world.Solar panels are very silent and do not create noise pollution like some wind turbines do.

Solar panels have a very good lifespan of 20+ years.

Solar panel prices have been continuously dropping in the last five years.

Solar panels require very little maintenance.

The solar energy industry is the fastest growing industry in the nation giving plenty of business opportunities to young people.

Solar panels do not lose much efficiency over the years and can be recycled.